Origami and the University of British Columbia

I wanted to take a minute brag a little bit about my small contribution to the world of paper footballs.
Some of you are aware that I made a diagram on how to fold a paper football. And by some of you, I mean this single page accounts for one third of all page views on this site. It also shows up near the top of a Google search for "paper football".


I've had a few requests to use the football diagrams for different projects and I wanted to share with you the most recent project which has used the diagram. 
Some students from the University of British Columbia named Amanda and Chris made a minibook for their class in which they provided a variety of tips for relaxing during a stressful exam period. Take note of the clever way in which it is folded. There are instructions here if you would like to make your own minibook. 

Each page is themed, with unique ideas for helping students focus while studying and relax while not. 
They also included my paper football diagram on the reverse of the paper so that students could fold their own and play a few games with their friends. I remember playing so much paper football as a kid that it warms my heart to think that students might still play it between smartphone sessions. 

I've included the pamphlet below if you want to check it out!