Unfolding Origami

This is a video of some paper folded and cut with the intention of being unfolded through what is called capillary action. As the water is absorbed by the paper, it is sucked up the capillaries (small tubes) in the sheet. This action is a bit like inflating a balloon which straightens the capillaries, forcing the paper to unfold. 

It's a unique idea in the origami world. Gives a new meaning to wet-folding!


Cranestorm is Complete

The Brain Injury Association of Minnesota recently completed their massive Cranestorm project.

Picture taken by my friend S.B.

They have over 140,000 cranes!

There is another picture and short article at the Star Tribune.


Creased Images

I wanted to post a link to something interesting.

This is an illustration made from creasing a sheet of paper.

There are plenty more images at Simon Schubert's site.