Origami Minnesota

I attended my first Origami Minnesota meeting today! We kept it simple, folding a few heart-shaped models. Unfortunately, I showed up late due to a flat tire, but the meetings are three hours long, which means I still got to spend a lot of time with the group. There is one woman who spends a lot of time crafting, and origami is one of many hobbies for her. One woman is a school teacher who holds a folding group during recess. There is the veteran who shares all her memories. And the organizer who's schedule is filling up. There were also two children with a knack for folding and their parents. There are many others who I have yet to meet!

My ego is a bit enlarged since finding out that I am a pretty good folder based on discussions of what people find challenging. But I think I can still learn a lot from this group. They can help me on the technical as well as the philosophical.

And it sounds like I will see many of them at Robert Lang's visit to the U of M on Tuesday. It is good to be with people who see origami as the fascinating hobby that it is.

[The image is a photo of the models I folded at the meeting. I do not know who to give credit to for designing these.]

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