Did you leave room for desert?

Over a year ago I designed a slice of pie, which a friend requested. I folded one immediately, but it was sort of a rough draft. Finally, I have reviewed that original and cleaned it up significantly to create the beautiful model to the left!

It is a fairly simple design. Basically all the paper wraps around the back. The real trick is making it look neat and clean instead of crumpled.

One peculiar design feature I noticed is that it does not follow the M-V=-/+2 rule. I have two vectors where the mountain folds minus the valley folds equals three. Maybe this is because the model is truly three-dimensional and cannot lay flat. If I were to add a valley fold to each vector (and adjust the crease pattern accordingly) then it would lay flat.

Anyway, I am really excited that I finally took the time to tie up this loose end!

[The image is my own, of a slice of pie I designed]

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