Flag Folding

The Minnesota Legislature has passed a bill establishing a proper way to fold the state flag. It still awaits the governor's signature (not that there is any reason not to sign it). The bill calls for the state motto "L'Etoile du Nord" to be clearly displayed when folded and gives instructions on how to do that.

My first reaction to the Star Tribune article was shock when I read that it took the Guardsmen "several days" to come up with the design. It likely would have taken an origami expert several minutes. Also, I am a bit disappointed in the diagram because it ignores the Akira Yoshizawa standard for indicating how to do the folds. I find it to be needlessly confusing, especially if someone is not used to folding in the first place. So basically, I wish they had taken advantage of Origami MN or OrigamiUSA, or one of a thousand resources and done a proper job that would have given origami some neat publicity. But as it is, they gave the National Guard some publicity and I suppose that's good, too (since they are the ones who have to fold it so very often).

After looking up random information regarding the flag, I discovered some interesting things. First, that the flag was haphazardly designed decades after statehood. Second, that there are 23 other states that have a similar flag (i.e. blue field with an emblem in the center). Third, that there is a movement to change the flag to a new design. Actually, there are a few different movements, and I am starting to wonder if they have a point.

I guess, if the flag were to be consistently used as an identifier from long distances, it would need to change significantly. As it is, I do not think it is used as a battle flag, but more as a symbol of loyalty by state agencies. So then it really could be anything.

[The diagram is from the Star Tribune website]

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