Recently, I was killing time in a bookstore and thought I ought to see what origami books they have. Just like most stores, their selection was not particularly impressive, intended to introduce people to the art, or for people who are focused more on other crafts, but want to include a little bit of origami. 

Looking through, I came across a book by Paul Jackson, who I recognized from the film Between the Folds. I was excited to see what origami he had designed, only to discover that it was a guide on how to make pop-ups. I immediately thought of my dad's birthday, and how I might make a possible card. 

I drew a quick sketch so that I could visualize what it would look like at the end. 

Then I figured out where all the cuts would need to go.

Then I made a prototype to see if it could work (I found a couple of mistakes).

Then I made a new cut pattern to accommodate the changes I learned from the prototype.

Then I made a final draft and glued it to a second sheet to make a complete card! 
(Next time, I'll do a better job on the glue.)

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