I was drawing with some people recently and one of them mentioned the likelihood of a art show featuring paintings and drawings of Lady Gaga. I said that there may be a way to fold a likeness of her, instead of draw it, so I got to thinking.

I began experimenting with faces, hoping to develop some skills.

This first mask is a model by Jun Maekawa that I dissected to better understand faces.

This is an attempt to create a face wearing a masquerade mask. I tried to make the eyes apparent without a color change.

This is another attempt at the masquerade, but with the added element of tiling on the mask to give it texture. The resolution of the tiling is low, so it is not all that apparent.

This is the masquerade again, but out of a much larger sheet of paper (from a presentation) and I was able to get a higher resolution on the tiling. Unfortunately, the paper was really springy and it did not have the effect I wanted.

This is an orc wearing a helmet that I designed.

I don't know what this is, but since it is blue and elongated, it reminds me of a Navi from Avatar....

This is an experiment, and I kind of really like the eyes.

This is something of a samurai with his eyes hidden. I really like this look, I think I'll make it my profile picture.

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