Schoolyard Origami, Part 2

I realized shortly after my first Schoolyard Origami post that there was one more thing I folded as a student that was not on the list. But instead of just taking on one more thing, I thought I would also include some diagrams showing how to fold some of these schoolyard models.

---Secret Note---

The beauty of this model is that a student can write a full page note on one side of the sheet (8.5in x 11in), then fold it into a neat, manageable envelope that will not unfold accidentally. In fact, it is a little frustrating to close it up so easily, and then find it difficult to open it back up.

 I folded this in school, but have not yet seen it emerge at the school where I am working.


I have drawn up some diagrams for the paper claw, paper football and the secret note.




I have also posted them on the Diagrams Page.

[Photos taken by me of models I folded.]


  1. Hello Nicholas, I want to use the paper football diagram drawing for a t-shirt design. It's not for sale or anything, I just want to give them out at a paper football tournament I am putting together. I was trying to get your permission for this. I would gladly send you a shirt for free as well. Synge_692000@yahoo.com, if you're okay with this.

  2. I have created a game where you use a paper football to play several different sports. I would like to use your diagram on how to fold a paper football in my rules sheet. I would include your signature and date that is on the image and give you credit in the instructions. May I have your permission to use it?