New Diagrams!

So, here in Minnesota we got more snow than we know what to do with! I had planned to go to the Brookdale Library and teach origami, but the streets were clogged with snow and most businesses closed. I decided to call it off. The library did stay open for a while, but closed early. When I called, the woman told me that almost no staff had made it in that day, so I can assume that few customers were there either. 

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that I spent my whole day at home and inside with no schedule. I decided to spend some of that time finally diagramming a project I have wanted to record for some time now.

See, in traditional origami there are two models that only really make sense when combined together. They are Yakko San and Hakama. 

Note the torso/arms/head are one square sheet and the legs are a second sheet. I realized early on that the raw edges of the squares nearly touch when the sheets are brought together and decided that there was a way to redesign this to be from a single sheet. Indeed, I was right! Okay, so my design does not appear exactly the same, but I like the aesthetic changes that happened with the redesign.

Today, I was able to fold one slowly and draw the steps. I will add these to my Diagrams page so that they are in a central location, but for your consideration, I will put them here, too.

Let me warn you now, steps 10 & 11 are probably the toughest. They are not clean folds, but I assure you that they do work!

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