Teen Origami Workshop

I drove from the Twin Cities to St. James, Minnesota to teach a group of teenagers how to fold various origami models. I brought various models from home so that the teens could see examples of advanced folding in the modern age. I also did some research so that I could provide a summary of the history of origami and I stressed out about what exactly I was going to teach once I got there.

I was terrified that there would be a dozen or more teens of different skill levels all trying desperately to follow along, but was relieved to see that it was actually a very small group. We folded boxes and cranes, boats and cups. I found them to be good students, who paid attention. 

I was impressed at the selection of origami books available at the Watonwan County Library. It was quite impressive, with a skill range from beginner to advanced. Visitors could legitimately get a broad folding education simply from visiting the library.

All in all, there could have been a slightly larger group, especially since the librarian had thought there would be more, but I would return all over again to repeat the experience.

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