First 10 Cranes Complete!

I've finished my first ten cranes and distributed them around the city! I've left one of them in an origami book, but most of them are left in semi-public spaces where someone may find them, in stores and restaurants. I wrote the blog web address on each one, so its actually quite likely that you found out about this blog via such a crane.

I would have folded more cranes by now, but I have been distracted by another project. Specifically, I have been tracing crease patterns of all the folds that I know and cataloging them in a 3-ring binder so that I can compare and contrast different patterns.


  1. I found one of your cranes on the children's information desk at Brookdale Library today. What a treat! Kids and teens have been folding cranes with the librarians at Brookdale Library since August 2009. We've folded over well 1,000 cranes! I will add your crane to our collaborative art installation hanging above the children's information desk. http://www.hclib.org/News.cfm?ID=3974
    Would you consider volunteering to teach some origami folding the youth at Brookdale Library?
    Thank you!
    Jackie Larson, Children's Librarian

  2. I would love to teach! I'll get in contact with you!