Heavy Rain

I was with a friend shopping for new video games and came across this find. It is a game coming soon for PS3 in which the main characters are trying to find a man who was kidnapped by the 'Origami Killer'. The nickname comes from the fact that each victim is discovered with an origami creation.

Initially, I was disturbed because I do not associate origami with serial killers. And (even worse) if, by some bizarre series of events, I were to become an insane serial killer, I would likely leave origami on my victims. Do I really want to play a game where I am trying to stop my bizarro-self? Too weird.

But, on another level, I am excited that this will likely be a huge success as far as origami publicity. People who never really thought anything of it will be exposed to it, even if it is in a peculiar way. Origami simply does not get much screen time, and this game will help correct that imbalance. Of course, it does seem to only be available for the PS3 which means only a fraction of the gaming community will see it.

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