Origami Notebook

One way to record a folded design is to map out all the creases necessary for the final product to emerge. Creases that are a by-product of some other fold, for example a crease that is used only as a reference point for another fold, need not be recorded since they are not folds in the final aspect.

Here I have a scan of a crease pattern that I traced for the traditional crane. There is an awful lot of symmetry for this design. Some patterns have more symmetry than others. An octopus I designed is perfectly symmetrical on four planes while the crane is perfectly symmetrical on only one plane, and nearly symmetrical on the other three. Some patterns are not symmetrical at all.

If I properly mapped out this crane, it should be possible to set all the creases along the traced lines, making the solid lines into mountain folds and the dotted lines into valley folds (or vice versa), then collapse the sheet into a crane in one epic fold!

[The image is my own, of the traditional crane]

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